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Mapesil 310ml Silicone Sealants


Product Code: N/A.
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Product Description

  • excellent durability. Seals remain unchanged even after many years exposure to climatic extremes, industrial pollution, sudden temperature changes and immersion in water
  • high elasticity
  • excellent bonding to glass, ceramic and anodised aluminium
  • mildew resistant
  • waterproof and permeable to vapour
  • resistant to chemical agents
  • flexible down to -40°C and resistant to temperatures at +180°C
  • easily workable

Application of Mapesil AC

Mapesil AC is packed in cartridges of 310 ml; to use, cut the cartridge above the end of the thread and screw on the nozzle, which should be cut at 45° to produce a hole corresponding to the size of the joint. Insert the cartridge into the gun and extrude the sealant.
The surface of Mapesil AC must be finished off with a damp tool, preferably moistened with soapy water, before a superficial film has formed.

Only £5 delivery on all grout and silicone sealants!

Can be used in all domestic wall tile applications - including bathrooms

Additional Information


White, Manhattan, Silver Grey, Medium Grey, Cement Grey, Anthracite, Black, Jasmine, Beige, Transparent


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